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Doesn’t every dad deserve something every special on this Father’s Day? They do, of course. They spend all their energy and strength to work for us. They are building our future and they’re our spinal cords without whom we would be nothing. Showing your love towards him with some funny Happy Fathers Day quotes will be an awesome idea. What do you think?

This sounds like a very good idea to me because you’ll have to make your dad laugh and smile on this Father’s Day. Here, I’m providing you with some of the best and funny Happy Fathers Day quotes that your dad will love to read which he is going to receive from his son.

Recently, I’ve shared some funny and short Father’s Day poems from daughters. And this post is focusing on sons, like you and me. So, we can send these awesome short and funny Father’s day quotes which your dad would love. Let’s see what I’m got today in my HFD’s basket.

Funny Happy Fathers Day Quotes From Sons | Funny Dad Quotes

Funny Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Son

Here are the funny Father’s Day quotes you can send to your dad if you’re a son. You can send them via any medium – sending out Facebook messages if you like in a distant place, or Whatsapp message, or email. But if you’re living very close to your dad, the best option, craft something, I always give this idea of crafting Father’s day cards which will show your internal love too for your dad. 😉

Funny Fathers Day Quotes

Here are the top 5 funny Father’s day quotes or wishing poems I collected from friends including some relatives and also from my cousins. I’m written one or two by myself, although I’m not good at writing quotes. 😀

Funny Quote #1

Dad, you’re even cooler than my Intel GPU, and even funnier than an entertainer. Thanks for being what you really are & thanks for your epic dancing trools.

Happy Father’s Day!

Funny Quote #2

Dad, you’re my superdad which makes me your superson. Being with you is always superfun. Dancing with you is called superdance, playing with toys is called supertoys. Everything seems “SUPER” in your presence.

Love you for being a part of my life as a funny man, whom I always like.

Wishing you a super Happy Father’s Day.

Funny Quote #3

Being dad is what you call hero.
Anyone can be a dad or father,
But it takes time and ability to become
A funny and entertaining dad like you!

Happy Father’s Day, my dadda! 😀

Funny Quote #4

The most popular dialogue for sons from fathers when you’re little:
“Don’t tell your mom.”
Yeah, daddy, won’t tell her.

Anyways, today is the day to tell me how much I love you
from the core of my heart, thanks for being with me always,
and for not telling mom.

Happy Father’s Day, my cool daddy!
“Daddy cool!”. 😀

Funny Quote#5

A son’s first friend is his dad,
Even for me, that was you dad.
Even today, you’re the same for me.
I remember the days we used to play  together,
with little toys and basket ball.
Your superson always won because he was
taught by his superdad.

Happy Father’s day my daddy.
You’re the coolest and most understanding from every perspective.
Love you always for being my friend. 😉 😀 <3

Funny Fathers Day Quotes: Conclusion

Here I’ve shared my assembled funny Happy Father’s Day Quotes from Sons. You can use these quotes in any way you like. But like I said before, the best way is to craft your own custom card. Don’t think of building something nice, make your focus that you love your dad. The best thing will eventually come out as a product.

If you liked these funny Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Sons, then share it on Facebook or even with your friends to give them a chance to wish their dads too with some funny Happy Fathers Day quotes. Comment below to let me know if you’ve something to share here, I’ll publish them with your credits as I told before.

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Happy Father’s Day 2019 to all dads in the world. They mean more than anything in this world. 😉

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