Happy Fathers Day Poems from daughter and kids

Who doesn’t want to wish a real dad on Father’s Day? Every one wants and they should. Here, today I’ll share my collection short and funny Happy Fathers Day Poems. If you’re a son, you can’t send these to your dad, it would be something awkward. These funny and cute poems full of humor are for dads from daughters, not matter – a kid or grown up.

I was gathering these Happy Fathers Day Poems from daughter and kids which are both short and funny, I tried to run my brain to write up some nice poems, but mind one thing, I’m very dull at writing poetic lines, still hoping for the best. 😀

This post is for ladies who want to wish their dads in a special way in June. You can send these short Father’s Day poems to your dads via Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and more. But the best and emotional way is to craft something great. I mean to say, you should craft a custom Father’s Day card where you’ll put these awesome, and non-poetic short and funny Father’s Day poems from daughter and kids.

{SHORT} {FUNNY} Happy Fathers Day Poems From Daughter & Kids

Short & Funny Happy Fathers Day Poems From Daughter

As I had to choose some great ones among hundreds, I chose only 5 short and funny poems, so I’m providing them together, you can read the Father’s Day poems yourself and decide which one fits best for you and your dad.

Don’t wait long, start reading the humorous and shorty poems. Wishing that you’ll like them as I already told, I’m very awesomely bad at writing in the poetic style, basically that doesn’t fit me.

Short & Funny Happy Fathers Day Poems From Daughters and Kids

Keep reading the funny Father’s Day poems and poetic lines for daughter and kids.

Poem #1

Dad, I love you
For all that you did.
I will kiss you and hug you
‘Cause you love me, too.

You feed and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile because I love you
On this very Father’s Day.

Poem #2

When it comes to “Fathers”
There’s lots of them.
But you’re my daddy &
the very very best.
Of that, there is no doubt.

Poem #3

The greatest gift anyone can have
Comes from God,
and We call them Dads!
Happy Fathers Day, Dad. <3 :)

Poem #4

Who’s my daddy?
You’re my daddy.
Whose daddy?
My daddy!

Happy Father’s Day, my cute daddy!
Love you the most! <3

Poem #5

The most funny person existed at home,
Who’s that humorous person who always
Turns my tears into happiness.
You’re everything to me dad,
For you know that well.

I love you the most for being beside me always,
And for entertaining me and mom with all your renovated jokes.
Thank you for everything you’re doing for me.
I love you dad!


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Here’s the Short and Funny Happy Fathers Day Poems from kids and daughter that you can send to your dads, only if you’re a girl, of course. If you’re a son, check out the other posts, or subscribe for new updates daily!

Hope you liked these short and funny Happy Fathers Day poems which I crafted, and most are collected from friends. If you really liked, then give it a share and spread the happiness of Father’s Day 2k16.

Comment below to let me know if you’ve something to share, I’ll publish your poems and quotes with your credits. Good luck and love you dads always for he is the strongest man standing by you. Help him in everything he does. Enjoy your Father’s Day!

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