Father’s day is celebrated all over world to honor all the fathers and fatherhood. Father’s day also celebrated the paternal bonding between father and child and influence of fathers in our society.it is celebrated in many countries on 3rd of June. “Father” the most important person in our life and this day is a great opportunity to show our Dad how we feel about him, to show the whole world that he is the best dad in the whole universe. Father’s day is the perfect day to throw a celebration for him and send him a happy father’s day wishes. So to make him special and to make him remember this day throughout his life, send him a father’s day wishes along with a gift. In India, father’s day is celebrated on Sunday 19th of June, 2019. We have posted happy father’s day wishes 2019, messages, quotes, greetings, SMS, free HD images, Whatsapp and Facebook messages choose from this wishes and you will be proud of you. Below we have provided the best, unique, top, popular, famous, funny, love father’s day wishes in Hindi and English, do check out.


Wishes For Happy Father’s Day 2019

  • World’s greatest gift that I have ever received from God is

And I call him DAD!

Happy father’s day!!!

  • May GOD bless you with along healthy life.

May GOD bless you with all the happiness

In the world that come and bow in front of you.

May GOD make your dreams come true.

I wish that you have the best & wonderful father’s day this year.

Wishing you a very happy father’s day Papa!

  • Anyone in this world can be a Father

But it really takes someone most special

To be a DAD.

Wish you happy father’s day!

  • I may not have ever told you

But today I want to tell one thing….


I am the luckiest child in this whole world

To have you as my Dad!

Wishes for happy father’s day 2019.

  • Dear Dad,

There were countless times

When I took you love for granted

And gave you a lot of failures & disappointments.

However dad, you never called me as a failure

For all the past mistakes I have ever made.

Dad Still, you always loved me for me.

My Words are not much enough to describe and tell you


How much I love you dad.

I’m so thankful to God to have you as my father.

Happy father’s day!

  • Dad,

For all those countless times

I left it unsaid…

Thank You.

Thanks dad for always being there for me on my side….

For showing me the right path…

For being so kind and patient with me when I made it so

Difficult for you….

For always believing in me when others didn’t and

Encouraging me to dream high…

And thank you for being such an inspiring presence in my life.

Love you dad and wish you happy father’s day

  • Kisi ne pucha woh kunsi jagah hai jahaa har

Galti, har jurm aur har gunah maaf ho jaate hai?

Chote bache ne muskuraate huve kahaa…
“Mere papa kaa dil”

  • Ungliya pakad kar chalnaa

Sikhayaa humko, apni neend

Deke chain seh sulayaa humko,

Apne aansu chupaa keh hasaayaa humko,

Koi dukh naa dena yeh khuda unko,

Le lena jaan joh kabhi rulaaye unko…

Happy father’s day… papa!

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Happy Fathers Day Poems from daughter and kids

Who doesn’t want to wish a real dad on Father’s Day? Every one wants and they should. Here, today I’ll share my collection short and funny Happy Fathers Day Poems. If you’re a son, you can’t send these to your dad, it would be something awkward. These funny and cute poems full of humor are for dads from daughters, not matter – a kid or grown up.

I was gathering these Happy Fathers Day Poems from daughter and kids which are both short and funny, I tried to run my brain to write up some nice poems, but mind one thing, I’m very dull at writing poetic lines, still hoping for the best. 😀

This post is for ladies who want to wish their dads in a special way in June. You can send these short Father’s Day poems to your dads via Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and more. But the best and emotional way is to craft something great. I mean to say, you should craft a custom Father’s Day card where you’ll put these awesome, and non-poetic short and funny Father’s Day poems from daughter and kids.

{SHORT} {FUNNY} Happy Fathers Day Poems From Daughter & Kids

Short & Funny Happy Fathers Day Poems From Daughter

As I had to choose some great ones among hundreds, I chose only 5 short and funny poems, so I’m providing them together, you can read the Father’s Day poems yourself and decide which one fits best for you and your dad.

Don’t wait long, start reading the humorous and shorty poems. Wishing that you’ll like them as I already told, I’m very awesomely bad at writing in the poetic style, basically that doesn’t fit me.

Short & Funny Happy Fathers Day Poems From Daughters and Kids

Keep reading the funny Father’s Day poems and poetic lines for daughter and kids.

Poem #1

Dad, I love you
For all that you did.
I will kiss you and hug you
‘Cause you love me, too.

You feed and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile because I love you
On this very Father’s Day.

Poem #2

When it comes to “Fathers”
There’s lots of them.
But you’re my daddy &
the very very best.
Of that, there is no doubt.

Poem #3

The greatest gift anyone can have
Comes from God,
and We call them Dads!
Happy Fathers Day, Dad. <3 :)

Poem #4

Who’s my daddy?
You’re my daddy.
Whose daddy?
My daddy!

Happy Father’s Day, my cute daddy!
Love you the most! <3

Poem #5

The most funny person existed at home,
Who’s that humorous person who always
Turns my tears into happiness.
You’re everything to me dad,
For you know that well.

I love you the most for being beside me always,
And for entertaining me and mom with all your renovated jokes.
Thank you for everything you’re doing for me.
I love you dad!


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Here’s the Short and Funny Happy Fathers Day Poems from kids and daughter that you can send to your dads, only if you’re a girl, of course. If you’re a son, check out the other posts, or subscribe for new updates daily!

Hope you liked these short and funny Happy Fathers Day poems which I crafted, and most are collected from friends. If you really liked, then give it a share and spread the happiness of Father’s Day 2k16.

Comment below to let me know if you’ve something to share, I’ll publish your poems and quotes with your credits. Good luck and love you dads always for he is the strongest man standing by you. Help him in everything he does. Enjoy your Father’s Day!

funny Happy Fathers Day quotes

Doesn’t every dad deserve something every special on this Father’s Day? They do, of course. They spend all their energy and strength to work for us. They are building our future and they’re our spinal cords without whom we would be nothing. Showing your love towards him with some funny Happy Fathers Day quotes will be an awesome idea. What do you think?

This sounds like a very good idea to me because you’ll have to make your dad laugh and smile on this Father’s Day. Here, I’m providing you with some of the best and funny Happy Fathers Day quotes that your dad will love to read which he is going to receive from his son.

Recently, I’ve shared some funny and short Father’s Day poems from daughters. And this post is focusing on sons, like you and me. So, we can send these awesome short and funny Father’s day quotes which your dad would love. Let’s see what I’m got today in my HFD’s basket.

Funny Happy Fathers Day Quotes From Sons | Funny Dad Quotes

Funny Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Son

Here are the funny Father’s Day quotes you can send to your dad if you’re a son. You can send them via any medium – sending out Facebook messages if you like in a distant place, or Whatsapp message, or email. But if you’re living very close to your dad, the best option, craft something, I always give this idea of crafting Father’s day cards which will show your internal love too for your dad. 😉

Funny Fathers Day Quotes

Here are the top 5 funny Father’s day quotes or wishing poems I collected from friends including some relatives and also from my cousins. I’m written one or two by myself, although I’m not good at writing quotes. 😀

Funny Quote #1

Dad, you’re even cooler than my Intel GPU, and even funnier than an entertainer. Thanks for being what you really are & thanks for your epic dancing trools.

Happy Father’s Day!

Funny Quote #2

Dad, you’re my superdad which makes me your superson. Being with you is always superfun. Dancing with you is called superdance, playing with toys is called supertoys. Everything seems “SUPER” in your presence.

Love you for being a part of my life as a funny man, whom I always like.

Wishing you a super Happy Father’s Day.

Funny Quote #3

Being dad is what you call hero.
Anyone can be a dad or father,
But it takes time and ability to become
A funny and entertaining dad like you!

Happy Father’s Day, my dadda! 😀

Funny Quote #4

The most popular dialogue for sons from fathers when you’re little:
“Don’t tell your mom.”
Yeah, daddy, won’t tell her.

Anyways, today is the day to tell me how much I love you
from the core of my heart, thanks for being with me always,
and for not telling mom.

Happy Father’s Day, my cool daddy!
“Daddy cool!”. 😀

Funny Quote#5

A son’s first friend is his dad,
Even for me, that was you dad.
Even today, you’re the same for me.
I remember the days we used to play  together,
with little toys and basket ball.
Your superson always won because he was
taught by his superdad.

Happy Father’s day my daddy.
You’re the coolest and most understanding from every perspective.
Love you always for being my friend. 😉 😀 <3

Funny Fathers Day Quotes: Conclusion

Here I’ve shared my assembled funny Happy Father’s Day Quotes from Sons. You can use these quotes in any way you like. But like I said before, the best way is to craft your own custom card. Don’t think of building something nice, make your focus that you love your dad. The best thing will eventually come out as a product.

If you liked these funny Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Sons, then share it on Facebook or even with your friends to give them a chance to wish their dads too with some funny Happy Fathers Day quotes. Comment below to let me know if you’ve something to share here, I’ll publish them with your credits as I told before.

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Happy Father’s Day 2019 to all dads in the world. They mean more than anything in this world. 😉

Happy Fathers Day 2018 Quotes For Husband From Wife

Best And Short Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes For Husband From Wife :- Everyone knows that fathers day is celebrated on 19th June this year and this day is celebrated every year on 3rd week Sunday of June month. Happy Fathers Day is celebrated all around the world on same day that is 3rd week Sunday of June month. Since the celebration is celebrated for honoring Fatherhood. This is the second largest celebration in the world where whole family comes together for the celebration. Many countries like United State, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Ireland, Bangladesh, Turkey, Cuba, Curaçao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominica,
Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Greece, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait celebrate fathers day with lot of enthusiasm and lots of love.

{Best} {Short} Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes For Husband From Wife

Best Happy Fathers Day 2019 Quotes For Husband From Wife

There are more than 100 countries celebrating fathers day on 19th of June 2019. In early 20’s USA was the first very country who officially started the celebration of Fathers Day in honor of fatherhood.

“The ønly Father’s Day traditiøn in my family is the annual cønversatiøn he and I have where
I say, ‘Hey, Dad, what dø yøu want før Father’s Day this year?’ and he says, ‘Nøthing.’ Then
I ask my møm what I shøuld get him and she says, ‘He likes sandalwøød søap, dangly jewelry
and Chanel Nø 5 perfume.’�?

“Never raise yøur hand tø yøur kids. It leaves yøur grøin unprøtected.�?

“I rememßer the time I was kidnapped and they sent a piece øf my finger tø my father. He
said he wanted møre prøøf.�?

“My dad used tø say ‘Always fight fire with fire,’ which is prøßaßly why he gøt thrøwn øut
øf the the fire ßrigade.�?

“øn the perfect Father’s Day. There wøuld ße just Dad, wearing his øldest surviving
undershørts, free øf pressure, mayße just sitting in frønt øf the TV, watching the NßA
finals. There wøuld ße nø cønversatiøn, øther than Dad periødically øßserving that these
players tøday cøuld carry the ßall acrøss Møntana and never get called før traveling. … øf
cøurse, that’s nøt all. Yøu’d alsø make a restaurant reservatiøn, and at the end øf the day,
yøu’d dress up and gø øut and have a nice dinner, during which yøu’d prøpøse a tøast tø Dad.
Whø wøuld ße ßack høme, in frønt øf the TV, happily asleep in his veteran underwear.�?

“When I was a ßøy øf føurteen, my father was sø ignørant I cøuld hardly stand tø have the
øld man arøund. ßut when I gøt tø ße twenty-øne, I was astønished at høw much he had learned
in seven years.�?

Short Happy Father’s Day Quotes from Wife to Husband

“What in the wørld cøuld I change aßøut a man that løves his family, wørks hard, and treats
his wife with løve and respect? Aßsølutely Nøthing!! Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Wønderful!”

“Yøur humøur is a staple in øur lives; høw quiet øur høuse wøuld ße withøut laughter!”

“They expect tickles with yøur hugs and whiskers with yøur kisses. Yøu’re teaching them tø smile, tø find jøy, and tø feel happiness.”

Famous Happy Father’s Day Quotes For Husband from Wife

“Wørds cannøt descriße what yøu mean tø me, yøu have made my life seem like a dream, yøu have
made my life perfect. Happy Father’s Day Dad.”

“Yøu were always ßy my side, and I will always ße ßy yøur side. Happy Father’s Day tø yøu.
Thank yøu før everything, yøu are the ßest dad a child cøuld ask før.”

“Yøu have seen me at my løwest, yøu have given me my highest. I løve yøu daddy.

“Yøu always gave me høpe, and yøu vøwed never tø støp, thank yøu før everything. Wishing yøu
a Happy Father’s Day.”

Inspirational Happy Father’s Day Quotes from Wife 2019

“A father is always making his ßaßy intø a little wøman. And when she is a wøman he turns her
ßack again.”

“A father is sømeøne whø is prøud tø see yøu get yøur first car….ßut secretly wishes it had
nø keys.”

“There is nø place higher than øn Daddy’s shøulders.”

“The ølder I get, the smarter my father seems tø get.”

“Fathers are ßiøløgical necessities, ßut søcial accidents.”

“Yøu knøw, fathers just have a way øf putting everything tøgether.”

“Any man can ße a Father ßut it takes sømeøne special tø ße a dad.”

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